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A Message from our Founder, October 15, 2011:




No More Excuses!  Get Help Now (because time is not on our side when it comes to mental health and wellness)!

Heidi Kunzli MS LADC Prive-Swiss Founder/Executive Director
    A message from Heidi E. Kunzli, MS, LADC, Privé-Swiss Founder/Executive Director

    Time is scarce.  Time is precious.  Time is money.  Time, and the lack thereof, has such a huge impact on our

     lives!  It is one of the top reasons why burned out, super stressed, depressed, anxious, exhausted otherwise

     intelligent, successful people don't get the help they so desperately need!  Over the past 20 years in mental

     health counseling and coaching high functioning, high profile individuals, I've heard over and over again the

     same complaint:  "I know darn well I need help, but I don't have time to be away from my company for 4

     weeks...even 2 weeks is too much..." Well for all of you high achiever-super men and women out there who

     are now hitting the wall, or feeling stuck in the muck...

      Privé-Swiss offers programs specifically for YOU - the 1-week Clarity: Superstar Intensive and our upcoming

      new program, the Clarity Executive Weekend Intensive*!  No more excuses - let's get you in - get it done -

                                and get you out to rule your world again - happy, healthy and full of power, passion and purpose!


                                                                                                                                                                              *Contact Heidi for Details email  /  800-866-2948




                   Society for Human Resource Management

                   Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology

                   American Psychological Association

                   National Association of Addiction Professionals

                   The Luxury Society