Privé-Swiss Clarity:  1-Week Superstar Intensive

Get In - Get It Done - Get Out!


"It was an amazing week.  It was beyond my expectations.  It was a great opportunity to focus on Me for a week."  


The Privé-Swiss Clarity “Superstar Intensive” retreat program is specifically designed for the high functioning, high profile individual who wants to “get in – get it done – and get out” as quickly as possible.  It is an intensive targeted “mind-body fitness” program for the highly motivated individual only – our Superstar clients are smart, driven, achievement- oriented leaders who thrive on hard work, personal challenge, and who have the ability to handle a rigorous structured wellness program in a 1-week timeframe!  Our Team is the best in the business and focused solely on YOU and your success!    


The Privé-Swiss Clarity: Superstar Intensive client is a high achiever who has gotten derailed in his or her successful life and needs to get back on track – fast!  All services are individual, 1-on-1 in a private oceanview residence, or other confidential location.

"I really am thrilled that I made the decision to come... I feel much more balanced, centered than I was when I walked in here last Sunday night.  I feel better - I feel I have a plan"


The Privé-Swiss Clarity: Superstar Intensive Includes:


Comprehensive Assessment with Recommendations at Admission

Life/Professional Coach = 3 90-min. sessions, including psychological/personality assessments

Stress Management/Relaxation Training = 2 90-min. sessions

Lifestyle Management Counseling = 3 90-min. sessions

Recreation/Fitness Coach – 4-5 90-min. sessions plus 1/2 day recreation outing

Massage = 2 60 min. sessions

Yoga/Meditation = 1 90 min. session


Housekeeping/laundry/linen service

Transportation to outside local Community Meetings, Appts.

24/7 House Manager on site

Private Suite

Transport to and from airport

Detailed Continuing Care/Discharge Plan

Invitation to continue working with your Superstar Team via phone, skype at a VIP discounted rate

Cost:  Inquire.

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